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The seasons are changing, the pollen is dropping, be prepared for allergy sensitivities with our Sinus Support tincture! 


Packed with natural anti-histamine herbs like Nettle Leaf, Goldenrod and Eyebright, Sinus Support is formulated to provide relief from seasonal allergies/hayfever and allergies due to a plethora of factors (including pet dander and environmental pollutants!)


Sinus Support has anti-inflammatory actions on the body and helps to soothe eye pain, itchy, swollen, red eyes along with reducing sneezing and coughing. In addition to allergy relief, Sinus Support has decongestant effects on the upper respiratory system and help to provides relief from sinus congestion. 


Let us support you during this allergy season!


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Take 40 drops (approx. 1 dropperful) up to 3 times daily or as needed. Can be taken orally or in your liquid of choice. Best taken between meals.

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